Does your team know the difference between workplace bullying and reasonable management action?

Do your policies and procedures reflect the new draft Code of Practice for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying?

When an employee makes a complaint of workplace bullying, will your staff know how to respond, come January 2014?

Ensure you are not on the back foot, trying to pick up the pieces, when the Fair Work Commission steps in to protect one of your employees from ongoing bullying.

There many ways of breaking down information into bite-sized, memorable pieces, such as “top 3 tips for….”, “five ways to….”

The draft Code of Practice for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying has nine principles of responding, three levels of response and 10 steps in the investigative process to investigate workplace bullying:

1.  Receiving the complaint
2.  Interviewing the complainant/target
3.  Plan your response – notifications/plan/TOR
4.  Interview witnesses
5.  Collect other evidence
6.  Draft allegations to the respondent
7.  Interview the respondent
8.  Evaluate the evidence
9.  Make the decision on fact
10. Report the findings

WISE has produced an easy-to-read, desktop reference, to help you respond to workplace bullying.

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From the award-winning author, Harriet Stacey, this FREE eBook draws on the key points of the draft Code of Practice, covers the 10 steps of the investigation process and provides a SAMPLE REPORT for workplace bullying investigations.

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