A seated class of happy learners.

Hello learners!

We are pleased to announce that our calendar of public short course training sessions for next year is now online.

View it here, and check out our exciting new programs as well.


You may notice that our calendar does not include locations. This is because we want to put you in control of when, where and how you learn.

Express interest in a course before 31 December, and your vote for the dates and location of delivery will be counted. And don’t worry – there’ll be plenty of online options, and live sessions can be moved online if needed to ensure your safety.

You’ll also secure our 2021 prices before a small increase next year (with no commitment to take up a course).

Once we’ve got your feedback, we’ll announce the training locations alongside the dates by 7 January.


Thanks for participating – and we look forward to seeing you in class next year!