Photo: a work team holding meeting

DISC behavioural profiles

Wise Workplace Training partners with Unique Team Training to deliver DISC profiling and training services, aimed to help organisations better understand and support their staff.

DISC assessments provide a common language for understanding each other’s communication and thinking styles, helping to overcome differences, reduce conflict, improve culture and manage staff more effectively.

Under DISC, there are four main personality profiles:

  • Dominance – confident, direct people who emphasise big-picture results
  • Influence – persuasive, positive people who are focussed on relationships
  • Steadiness – dependable, considerate people who are detail-oriented
  • Compliance- methodical people who offer accuracy, certainty and expertise

Our experts will assess and profile your team, producing a report which highlights their DISC personality, work style, adaptability, strengths and challenges, and offers strategies for supporting each individual with decision-making, planning, relationship dynamics, and thriving under pressure.

We can provide profiling for any number of personnel, providing you with essential information in recruitment, management, coaching, project and change management.

We also offer general or bespoke training, ongoing coaching, skills gap analyses, 360 feedback support, and long term programs designed to get the most out of your new understanding.

Email [email protected] to find out more about how DISC profiling and training can help your team fulfil their potential.