Wise Workplace Training is guided by its policies and procedures in maintaining a coherent and consistent approach to training, assessment, student services, and quality assurance.

Please contact us with any and all questions about our practices. Specific policies and forms can also be requested from our team directly via [email protected].


Policies & Procedures

Equity Policy

AQF Certification Policy and Procedure

Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

Credit & Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure

RTO Qualification Fees and Refunds Policy

Short Course Fees and Refunds Policy

Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

Privacy Policy and Procedure and Amendment to Records Request Form 

Quality Assurance Policy and Procedure

Student Administration Policy and Procedure

Student Handbook (including student code of conduct)

Student Services

Training and Assessment Policy


Key Forms

Complaints and Appeals Form

Credit and RPL Application Form – please get in touch with us to discuss your eligibility first.

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Are you seeking a copy of your existing qualification? Please complete and submit our Access to Records Request Form.

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Complaints & Appeals

In accordance with our regulatory obligations, Wise Workplace Training has developed and implemented a transparent Complaints and Appeals Policy to enable our learners and clients to know and understand your rights and our responsibilities.

The policy is public, and designed to ensure the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of our approach to complaints and appeals. The policy:

  • Sets out the procedure for making a complaint or requesting an appeal;
  • Requires that complaints and requests for an appeal are acknowledged in writing and finalised as soon as practicable; and
  • Provides that if our processes don’t resolve a complaint or appeal, our decision can be reviewed by an appropriate independent party, at the request of the person who lodged the complaint or appeal.


Our policy covers all our activities, including the conduct of:

  • the RTO, its trainersassessors, or other staff;
  • a third party providing services on the RTO’s behalf, its trainers, assessors, or other staff; or
  • a learner of the RTO.

The policy also covers review of decisions made by Wise Workplace Training, including assessment decisions and academic appeals.

As part of our efforts towards continuous improvement, we maintain secure records of all complaints and appeals and their outcomes. This allows us to identify potential causes of complaints and appeals, and take action to eliminate or mitigate the likelihood of reoccurrence.

To lodge a complaint or appeal, follow the process in our policy or contact us.