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Trauma Informed Investigations (Advanced) is designed to equip professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to conduct investigations that are sensitive to the impacts of trauma. This advanced training delves deeply into the nuances of trauma responses and the ways they can influence investigation processes. Participants will acquire the expertise to conduct fair and empathetic investigations with confidence. By the end of the course, participants will be well-versed in recognising and addressing trauma in themselves, their colleagues, and those involved in investigations. You will also develop strategies to ensure your practices are culturally competent and inclusive.

This one-day workshop is particularly suited for professionals involved in investigative roles across various sectors, including law enforcement, social services, human resources, legal professions, and health services. It is also beneficial for anyone who seeks to enhance their ability to conduct investigations in a manner that is both procedurally fair and trauma-informed.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise trauma responses in self, investigation parties and colleagues
  • Become familiar with social, cultural and religious differences that may affect trauma responses.
  • Consider historical, cultural and community trauma and its impacts on individuals within an investigation
  • Assess own capacity to manage trauma issues in an investigation process
  • Be aware of and apply strategies for own trauma within investigations
  • Reflect on investigation practice, in consultation with others to identify areas for improved trauma informed process
  • Implement self care practices including debriefing, peer support and any others
  • Apply the key principles and practices of trauma informed investigations
  • Balance competing principles to make procedurally fair, trauma-informed decisions
  • Adapt communication and collaborate with parties to promote safety, trust, choice and control
  • Empathically and sensitively acknowledge and respond to disclosures
  • Understand and explain privacy, anonymity and reporting obligations to parties

Private Course

Duration: One day 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM AEDT
Delivery Mode: In person or virtual workshop
Class size: 4 – 15 learners
Course Fee: $3,800 plus GST per day (all added costs are exclusive of the course fee)


Public Course

Duration: One day 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM AEDT
Delivery Mode: Virtual workshop
Course Fee: $850 plus GST per student

Public Training Dates

  • 12 February 2024
  • 17 May 2024
  • 17 July 2024
  • 3 September 2024
  • 7 November 2024


Enrolments close: 1 week prior to the course commencement date.

If you would like a private course for 4 or more learners, these can be run in person or online. Please contact us directly to talk about your needs. 

Once your enrolment has been confirmed, if you need to withdraw you must do so at least three weeks prior to the course commencement. Any learners who wish to withdraw, cancel or reschedule their place after this time will be subject to our refund policy

    Trauma Informed Investigations (Advanced)

    Course Entry Requirements

    • Must be 18 or more years old
    • Must have obtained an academic level of Year 12 or above or equivalent
    • Must meet course prerequisites and the requirements of our enrolment process

    More Information

    Please contact us for more information about Trauma Informed Investigations.