Between 2018-2020, 35% of Australian organisations surveyed were affected by fraud, yet only 38% of those businesses investigated a suspected fraud incident.
66% of Australian organisations surveyed don’t have established due diligence or monitoring processes for working with their partners, yet almost one in five respondents were asked to pay a bribe.


Wise Workplace Training developed the Investigating Fraud and Corruption training course to provide participants with the skills to identify indicators of fraud and corruption in professional workplaces, conduct risk assessments, and conduct fraud & corruption investigations in accordance with the Australian Government Investigation Standards. The Investigating Fraud and Corruption training package is an outstanding professional development opportunity for individuals working in the areas of finance, human resources, complaints management, or risk and audit.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the short course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify indicators of fraud and corruption
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Recognise non-compliance with legislation
  • Make an initial assessment of the evidence
  • Analyse data
  • Explain the role of an investigation as part of fraud control measures
  • Understand the concepts of natural justice and procedural fairness
  • Recognise when conflicts of interest arise
  • Develop terms of reference for an investigation
  • Identify a range of sources of evidence
  • Develop an investigation plan
  • Evaluate evidence gathered in an investigation
  • Conduct a formal record of interview
  • Make findings

Course Fees

This course is currently only delivered as a private tailored course, so please contact us for a proposal and price to suit your organisation. If you’re interested in attending a public session, please express interest here and we’ll notify you of upcoming public sessions.

Course Entry Requirements

  • Must be 18 or more years old
  • Must have obtained an academic level of Year 12 or above or equivalent
  • Must meet course prerequisites and the requirements of our enrolment process

Public training dates

  • 2022 dates are coming soon!

All public sessions of Investigating Fraud & Corruption have been completed for 2021; contact us to arrange private dates for your organisation.


Note that where enrolment numbers are low, courses may be rescheduled to ensure enough learners are present for effective group learning. Where this occurs, learners will be notified approximately two weeks before the date, and invited to the new sessions or offered an alternative arrangement. 

Please note that the delivery of classroom-based training is subject to change due to government mandated COVID19 restrictions and the need to ensure safety for all participants. As such, classroom-based training may be substituted with digital online training if required.

More information

Please contact us for more information about Investigating Fraud & Corruption.