Wise Workplace Training aims to be a preferred provider of investigation and HR skills training, and that means we’re focussed on your Student Experience. Contact us anytime to provide your feedback, and we hope you’ll also participate in our proactive measures outlined below.


Under our regulatory obligations, we must collect, and report on, a range of accurate and complete data about our business and operations, including:

  • Quality indicator data
  • Total VET activity data

The learner engagement indicator focuses on the extent to which learners engage in activities that are likely to promote high-quality skill outcomes. It includes learner perceptions of the quality of their training and assessment, and the support they receive from their RTOs. The source of data to measure this indicator is a survey called the learner questionnaire. RTOs must gather and analyse this data each year.


The employer satisfaction quality indicator focuses on employer evaluation of:

  • learner competency development
  • the relevance of learner competencies for work and further training
  • the overall quality of the training and assessment.

All RTOs must collect a range of data from their students and report all their delivery activity (known as Total VET activity) to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), at least annually.

Accordingly, we collect quality data through:

  • Course/Unit Feedback
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
  • Stakeholder/Client Survey
  • Staff Feedback
  • Industry Consultation and Engagement
  • Course Validations and Reviews

The data is used to inform our approach to training, assessment, and student and client services, and to ensure we continuously offer best practice, current training.


We are required to use the following two questionnaires to collect data on learner engagement and employer satisfaction quality indicators:

These questionnaires are given out to students and clients on completion of courses/training programs.

Survey tools for student surveys are provided through our LMS, through facilitators/trainers and from our administration team.


If you have any questions about our data collection or would like to offer any feedback, contact us or view our Privacy Policy.