The role of the workplace supervisor/s is to participate in the assessment process by providing confirmation and third party reports about the student’s ongoing performance and project work in the workplace. This provides evidence of the student’s competence against the assessment requirements, without requiring our assessors to visit your workplace, which we recognise poses privacy and safety challenges for many workplaces. It has the added benefit of facilitating ongoing assessment of daily work activities outside the assessment context, providing more and varied examples of the student’s abilities.

The student will be given Workplace Supervisor Reports for each topic they are undertaking, which they will bring to you for completion prior to each topic being assessed by Wise Workplace Training. The reports you provide will be considered by Wise Workplace Training’s assessor to determine the final decision about the student’s competency.

Each student may have a number of supervisors in the workplace who each provide feedback on different areas (clusters or units), or one person may act as the supervisor for the student’s whole course.

This course is delivered through a blended model of:

  • class-based delivery
  • workplace training, practice and support
  • project based and written assessments
  • and workplace assessment.

Wise Workplace Training Trainers / Assessors are always available to the students for a range of support and assessment visits throughout the course upon request.


Who can be a workplace supervisor: a person who has the relevant qualifications, and ideally a qualification or experience in training & assessment

How to fill out the paperwork

The proposed supervisor MUST read the Workplace Supervisor Guide and confirm their eligibility to undertake this position. The supervisor will be contacted by us to discuss and confirm eligibility.

How to conduct assessments

Once approved, the supervisor must observe the learner doing their assessment tasks, they must complete the checklist provided with each assessment task)