Industry Consultation and Engagement

Wise Workplace Training is committed to providing courses and competencies to all its clients that are relevant to industry expectations, practices, and skills and knowledge requirements. To achieve this objective, Wise Workplace Training shall ensure that its training and assessment strategies, methods, practices, and recruitment strategies are informed by industry engagement and consultation.

Wise Workplace Training will engage with relevant industry stakeholders for each course/qualification offered by Wise in order to;

  • Develop effective strategies for training and assessment (TAS);
  • Identify and/or develop suitable training and assessment practices;
  • Identify and implement appropriate methods of assessment;
  • Develop assessment tools that best address the required skills, knowledge, and performance requirements;
  • Identify the skills and knowledge required by its trainers and assessors; and
  • Continuously improve the delivery and assessment of its programs,

Industry engagement strategies may include (but not limited to);

  • Partnering with local employers, regional/national businesses, relevant Industry bodies, and/or enterprise RTOs;
  • Involving employer nominees in industry advisory committees and/or reference groups;
  • Embedding staff within enterprises;
  • Networking in an ongoing way with industry networks, peak bodies, and/or employers;
  • Developing networks of relevant employers and industry representatives to participate in assessment validation; and
  • Exchanging knowledge, staff, and/or resources with employers, networks, and industry bodies.

Corporate Partners

Wise Workplace Training has an extensive network of business and corporate clients. This helps us continually seek industry advice, feedback, and inputs into our programs as well as creating opportunities for student practical work experience, guest speakers, and effective delivery of workplace-based training.


Pathway Partners

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Pathway Policy encourages student progression into and between registered AQF qualifications and qualification linkages between relevant qualifications.


Wise Workplace Training is committed to providing learning pathways, within and across qualifications, to maximise learning options and movement of students between their chosen courses and qualifications.  Such pathways may include access to qualifications, internal and external articulation arrangements, and/or credit granted within qualifications.