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Welcome to Wise Workplace Training!

Wise Workplace Training, trading under the registered training organisation, Rick Davis and Associates Pty Ltd (RTO 5797) has been training participants from across different industries since 2019. The RTO has a long history of registration (since 1998) as one of the oldest and most reputed RTOs in Australia.

Wise Workplace Training focusses on best practice investigations and HR training across a broad range of areas, to help you get wise, and get working.


Why Wise?

Our training programs are created and delivered by Wise Workplace’s in-house experts, based on the experience and insight we’ve gained over thirty years of investigation and HR services.  Our students are also supported by:

  • A positive and supportive learning environment
  • Highly qualified trainers and assessors with years of industry experience
  • Modern technologies and student amenities offered by our friendly staff
  • Access to a range of electronic and print learning resources
  • Career advice and assistance
  • Student-centred approach and thoughtful learning design

Wise Workplace Training provides a proactive, practical and professional learning environment to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. We are committed to supporting students in their personal objectives, with our friendly and experienced student support team to help you through your journey with us.

Access a range of support services and resources through the menus at the top of this page, and for course-related or academic enquiries, contact us.


All students are required to contact us if:

  • your address or contact details changes – to ensure that you receive all the required and important communications on time;
  • you have any circumstance or situation that may prevent you from completing the course in the prescribed duration;
  • you have any learning difficulties or special needs; and
  • if you have any concerns about any aspect of your enrolment or studies with us.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

A USI is your individual education number for life. It also gives you an online record of your Vocational Education & Training undertaken in Australia. To enrol and matriculate from a certificate or diploma offered by Wise Workplace Training, you need a USI.

If you have completed any training since 2015, you may already have a USI.  Follow these links to retrieve or obtain your USI.

Check if I have a USI

Get a USI 

Reset your Password

If you need assistance, Wise Workplace Training can apply for a USI on your behalf once you complete a USI Consent Form.

Contact us for more information.


We look forward to supporting your learning journey!