Want practical, tailored training for your organisation?

Wise Workplace Training has decades of experience in developing and delivering customised training and professional development courses for corporate clients across a range of industries and sectors. Our clients include major commonwealth and state government departments, ASX listed corporations, non-profits, regulators and small businesses across Australia, so we can understand and meet your needs whatever your sector or industry.


Specialised trainings:

  • Authorised officer investigations, powers and their exercise
  • Public interest disclosure understanding, handling and response
  • Queer and neurodivergent diversity and inclusion support
  • Research integrity investigations
  • Public sector investigations processes – all States and jurisdictions
  • Conflict skills for emergency responders
  • Leadership in crisis
  • Reportable conduct actions and investigations under NSW and Victorian schemes
  • Reportable conduct actions and investigations under the NDIS
  • Regulatory framework understanding, powers and investigations for federal and State bodies of all kinds
  • Interviewing skills to support vulnerable or diverse interviewees
  • Time management and delegation skills

What specialised training packages offer:

  • Bespoke content, scenarios, case studies and learning materials which reflect your business and its operations
  • Focus on your unique workplace cultural practices, norms and ways of working
  • Match our expert facilitators and trainers and assessors with your training needs, issues and topic areas
  • Alignment of the learning outcomes, needs of your employees and your organisational development goals.
  • Developing a training plan and delivery schedule that suits your businesses needs

In addition to bespoke training packages, we also offer refresher training, group discounts and advanced programs in key learning areas to our valued clients at highly competitive rates. We can also create training programs and deliver train-the-trainer, to empower your team to meet internal learning needs.

Our process

When we receive your initial inquiry, we will seek to collect some important information about your industry, the needs of your business, your training goals as well as practical considerations such as training locations, timeframes and budgets.

From there, our Training Team and CEO come together to review your initial inquiry and identify a key contact point who will work with you so that we can ensure our custom training proposal exceeds your expectations.

We’ll then reach out to arrange a time to discuss how we can best support your business in meeting its training needs. This is done by undertaking the following steps;

Capability Review

We will work with you to understand the baseline competencies and qualifications of your existing workforce, and the skills and abilities that are needing to be achieved. We also seek to understand any workplace or workgroup cultural factors and outlooks which are type or content of training that is to be delivered.

 Content Analysis

We work with the organisation to determine the critical context, key themes, issues and subject matter which needs to be developed for the purposes of training. This can include consideration of existing organisational policies and procedures, or industry frameworks and statutory requirements.

 Learning Needs Analysis

From the information provided, we then develops a Learning Needs Analysis – this outlines the performance improvement desired by the organisation, and relates that back to the skills, competencies or capabilities to be created or fostered during the training experience.

Training Plan

We will explore factors such as the most effective training mode, content sequence and delivery schedule to make sure that participants have the best possible learning experience and that learning outcomes are maximised to their fullest potential.

A comprehensive proposal is submitted to your organisation for review, feedback and consideration.

As your training partner, Wise Workplace Training will work with key stakeholders from your organisation to ensure that the development of tailored training content and execution of your bespoke training plan.

We review our roster of subject matter experts to determine the most appropriate and skilled trainer to match your identified learning needs and training outcomes. Delivery modes can include face-to-face classroom settings, digital delivery or a combination of both.

Live scenarios, role plays, reflective feedback activities and workshop activities ensure a dynamic and well rounded learning experience for all participants.

Once your custom training package has been delivered, we will seek your feedback and evaluation of the entire training experience.

This is a great opportunity to ensure that we have met your expectations and requirements for both your staff and your organisation. The evaluation process is also a valuable source of information and intelligence for organisations about participant engagement, issues and themes that arose throughout the training package or organisational factors for future consideration.

As a valued client of the Wise Workplace Training group, one of our team will maintain engagement with your organisation to make sure that your training experience is translating into improved practice on the ground. This is also an opportunity to identify any future training needs, and to coordinate quick ‘top up’ or ‘refresher sessions’ to your workforce on a regular basis.

More information

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